a few projects

been teaching myself how to knit...this is my first project and it kinda looks like a cat ate it because it has so many holes...and i am also trying to do one in a circle which is fun, but hard when you are learning off of youtube. i do really love knitting, though. i think maybe more than crocheting. ill keep you posted. i also immediately taught brycie and she likes it more than crocheting too. she really needs to watch the you tube videos, though. i am not the best teacher...
the real fun project has been making cheesy iron on pillows for blaine and di, brycies bffs. they are so cheesetacular and hilarious but super fun to make. i love an iron on.


lindsay b said...

cute pillows kris! How did you get the picture like that??? love you & miss you guys!

Blair Wheeler said...

You are such a creative mom and friend! I bet Di and Blaine will love the gifts and cover their apt with them. :) I think Brycie should post the picture of her very colorful scarf/blanket piece she is working on.

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