Double digits.
Ugh. Writing it makes me cry. We all know how I feel about birthdays so I will just link to this post because it pretty much says it all.
I will say that to get a real smile I told them to think of Shea farting into her pillow and that pretty much got the reaction that I wanted.
 And if you cant tell, we got sawyer a label maker.  She has really gotten the hang of it.

 Ben got a bear target to use with his bow and arrow because he has started taking archery with 4h.  That whole sentence makes me so happy for so many reasons that I will not go into now, but someday I will.  Also 4h feels like a gateway drug to FFA which is going to be completely addicting for Jeff Barstad.  But for now it just makes him so happy.
But not even close to how happy they make me. 
Happy 10th Birthday Ben and Sawyer.

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