This is a story of two beautiful princesses who decided to try and become hair stylists in their mother's shower.
All was going well until their sister came in and saw how much hair was being cut off and the mullet shape that it was starting to take for both of them.
 Very proud of their new found abilities as hair stylists, they ran down to show off their new dos.
Then, a magical fairy godmother came to the rescue at her salon and magically turned their mullets in to bobs.
 I still have no idea how she did it.  Her magic wand (scissors) really is magical.  We could not be more thankful that she cleared out her schedule and let us run up to her salon immediately.
Time could not be wasted.
 Next time the sweet princesses want to use scissors, they will not be where they looked before.  They will locked away in a cabinet that is very high up.

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