Happy Memorial Day and Cinco De Mayo

 I want to remember that Bryan Masters goes all out for Cinco De Mayo.  And that it is actually not really celebrated in Mexico, but more of a holiday for Mexican-Americans.  So many teachers and kids in our school were in full on celebration mode on the 4th because the 5th was on Saturday. It is always so fun seeing how beautiful they all look.

There was a piñata and a Mariachi band that we have used before so they felt like our best friends.  It was just a fun relaxing day and I cant wait for them every year.  (Sorry Becca).
There were so many more people there.  I wish I had a photo of all of them.  
Then for Memorial Day we went to Jan and Bob's lakehouse and it was so relaxing and fun, too.  Jeff worked Saturday and Monday so he was a huge trooper and drove back and forth.

 There was a lot of fishing and boating and sitting and I am currently obsessed with Harry Potter thanks to Avery and couldn't put the books down.  (I am on book 4 and I can not put it down.  We got Jeff and Sawyer to listen to it and I am still trying to get Ben to do it. He is watching the movies, though.  So he is getting caught up one way or another.)

It is always so fun to see Ben in his element.  He has gotten to be such an amazing fisherman and I cant wait to watch him continue to improve.  He pretty much doesn't come in from the dock the entire weekend.  We have to beg him to stop and eat.  
Thank you Jan and Bob and Bryan and Becca for so many fun memories
And a huge thank you to the men and women and their families that serve our country.  I know that I can relax in my freedom and enjoy these privileges because of you.  

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