I could just dye (everyday)

Avocado pits make pink dye.
Isn't that insane?!
 Its the most beautiful blush color, too.
I have gotten every single person I know to save their seeds for me and I have dyed almost every piece of white yarn that I own.
The first bit I saved, but the big ball of yarn I used to make this weaving.

 I am not a professional weaver and I dont have anything new to bring to the weaving community, but I love trying to figure out what techniques and yarn and colors I like.
 These are very basic ways to weave, but like I said with knitting- I want to be a yes person.  Just like the knitting, I kept seeing these beautiful things from people all over the internet and then my friend Rachel started doing it, and I knew I had to try.  I don't want be afraid of failing or looking like an amateur. Who cares?! (I mean, I do, but I know I won't learn unless I try).  I know I am not so talented that I can make up my own stuff, but I can use my hands to make things from patterns- or just at least try out different techniques.  I have enough yarn to knit a sweater to wrap the world in, so I may as well try.
 The white one is the first one I did that I hung up.  It is a mess. I  am going to take it down so I can (you guessed it) dye it with the avocados that I have now because everyone's bringing me theirs!!  Hopefully I can make something with more skill and that stays together when I take it off the loom.

I used these little ones to try out some colors and techniques and learned the hard way that you can not cut yarn that is connected in the back...
Sawyer wanted to try a little, but so far I haven't conned any of my kids into using my yarn to knit or weave.  Surely it will come soon.  I just know they will love it.
Tried gradients here.  I am so far from mastering it.  I saw a beautiful one that the colors molded together like a sunset and it made me want to try again.  
And Jeff.  He just is so curious and so great. He totally gets into what I am doing and it is just the best.  (I definitely do not return the favor, sorry jeff.) I started putting the pits in the boiling water and showed him how the colors get darker and by the time I wanted to put the yarn in, he had a tripod set up and the idea to make a time lapse video.  Love him.
It just SOAKS UP THE COLOR! I mean its amazing! The water goes from pink to basically clear after the yarn soaks it up! It just blows me away.  I love it so much.  Its so easy and I used this tutorial.  GO do it yall.  Its so fun.  

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fromhousetohome said...

i LOVE THIS!!!! Anytime you want to part with ANY of your weavings you know where I live!!

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