Anna and Tyler's Rehearsal and some Wedding Prep

The girls and I drove to my parents last Wednesday to help finish up some last minute wedding details. (and to get my spray tan on)
Thursday night (2 days before wedding) the wedding programs came in. The first thing I noticed was that Bob's name was no where on the program. My mom was sick about it. She remembered telling the girl to put his name in there for the Officiant but somehow it was left out. It was a bummer but not a huge deal. But THEN I noticed a few more things. The grandparents they had listed as walking down the aisle were not living and they had the wedding taking place in Houston Texas! What?! It was now humorous how many mistakes there were. We thought we had caught them all until Bob's parents came by to drop my girls off (because they are saints and kept my girls most of the weekend. AMAZING in-laws! ) and Dawn noticed that the bible verse being read was listed as 1 Corinthians 13:48. Thats not even a verse! They left out the dash between the 4 and 8. At this point my mom had written the company 2 emails that expressed her disappointment. First thing Friday morning they called her and apologized and said it would all be fixed. When my dad went to pick the new programs up Friday night before the rehearsal he said they were hot to the touch. They had come hot off the press. Whew. 

Anna requested a dark nail polish. I went with a charcoal gray and the girls did deep purple. When did McKenna get big enough to sit in a chair all by herself at the nail salon?! 

Part of my Matron of Honor duty was to save all the ribbons from Anna's wedding showers and make a bouquet with them for the rehearsal. I just poked a hole in a plastic plate and pulled all the ribbons through. I love how all the ribbons were the wedding colors and had peacock feathers too. 
Jojo helping McKenna get ready for the Rehearsal. So sweet.
It's bad luck (so they say) for the bride to walk down the aisle before the big day so my mom stepped in to take Anna's place. (how cool does my dad look?!)

The rehearsal dinner was at La Hacienda Ranch. Tyler's parents had it decorated so cute and it was such a fun and relaxing night.

I didn't give a speech that night because mine was going to be during the wedding reception the next night. I did give Anna the framed picture from the bachelorette party that she had never seen. I had all the girls write one word that described Anna to them.
DSC_5426 - Version 3

There was going to be 20 kids at the wedding so I made some goodie bags to help entertain the kids during the sit down dinner. I ordered a bunch of junky toys from oriental trading company and filled these cute bags with them. 

 Another big prep job was the bubble guns. My mom ordered them from some bulk website and they did not come ready to use. We had to pull the plastic off each one, release a tab, screw the bubbles on and then spend about 2 minutes pulling the trigger on each one before bubbles actually started coming out. It was a process! We ended up prepping them Saturday morning in the condo my mom rented for all the bridesmaids. Even though we were running a bubble sweat shop, it was so fun to do with all the other girls while sitting in the sun sipping on mimosas. I love a pre party!
The condo was perfect because it was across the street from the wedding chapel and walking distance to the salon were we got makeup done too. It was the perfect afternoon before the perfect night! 
Wedding pics to come soon!

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