Shea at 2 months

2 months
Happy 2 months baby shea.  You are crying every night until about midnight but last night you slept 7 hours and then went back to sleep for 2 more.  And you pretty consistently sleep for about one 6 hr stretch.  So, I will take your late night parties.  You have grown so much and we will probably find out you doubled in size at your dr appt tomorrow, where you get your two month shots.  (I am making jeff go because I cant take shots.  It just kills me.)  You smile all the time and it is the absolute best thing in the world.  Sass and aves and ben feed you and talk to you and you just smile at them.  It is my favorite thing.  Last night, you could not have been more excited to watch anna and tyler get married and you danced the night away right along with your brother and sisters.  It was so much fun.
Happy two months.  It has definitely been the best two months.  I won't say I am not ready for the late night parties to slow down (to a halt), but I know I dont want to wish away this time with you.  As always, just couldn't love you more.

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Unknown said...

adorable pics of sweet baby shea!

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