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As usual, I am behind on some posts.
This was a couple of weeks ago but I didn't want to forget our actual first snow day here! I wish I had video of Ella as she walked outside. She just kept yelling It's snow! over and over. She couldn't believe it. If the neighbors hadn't known, I'm sure it was Ella that informed them.
Ella thought shorts was the perfect snow outfit...for about 2 minutes.
School was cancelled so we spent the next day playing in the snow and building our very own Olaf.
(our back house  play house is still a work in progress but I can't wait to share it with you guys once it's finished!)
We were of course playing this the whole time we were outside. It was a dream.
They were both trying to give Olaf warm hugs.
McKenna had to let the babies see their first snow too.

McKenna has been hilarious as always and taking her mama skills to a whole new level. It cracks me up and melts my heart all at the same time. She is so funny with her baby dolls. She is obsessed with them but not one in particular. She doesn't have names for them either. She calls them all baby. I always ask her if they have a name and sometimes she will call them all Ella Brooke (a friend from school) or baby Shea. This last week she insisted on the car seat coming along with us. 
This girl comes prepared. Purse, diaper bag, multiple blankets and a banana to feed the baby. 
She loves playing pretend with her babies in the house. She takes them to Disney World all the time. She will come and tell me that they are headed to Disney World and will be back later. I have got to get video of all this before she grows out of it. She talks about getting on the plane with her babies and that all her cousins are going too. She will come back and tell me how they rode Dumbo and did lots of stuff. I love when she gets in pretend play mode. 

This last Saturday night was a Father Daughter dance. This was the first year for Bob and the girls to do it and they loved it! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall. I just love that it was such a special night for all the dads to take the little girls dancing. 
They even took them out to dinner first. Brave dads!
When I asked Bob what the night was like, he said "think butterfly kisses atmosphere." 
The girls had a blast and every time McKenna talks about it, she calls it the wedding. 

Last Sunday a group of us hosted a baby shower for our friend Suni. She is not finding out the gender so we went with a color scheme that could go both ways.
DSC_5578 - Version 2
I remember seeing these fantastic paper lanterns that Lindsay made a while ago. I followed this tutorial and loved how they turned out. I did not buy my tissue paper circles. I just cut out my own and then sandwiched them between parchment paper and ironed them for a bit. This got all the creases out and made them nice and flat. 
We tried to figure out what she is having by some old wives tales.
It said boy but I am thinking a girl. Plus, that is what the pencil test said and how in the world could it be wrong?!

Yesterday Ella's school had a field trip to the rodeo. McKenna and I went too and it was so fun! We all wore braids and button down shirts. (or is it button up? I guess it could go both ways) The girls looked adorable in their cowgirl clothes.
The bull riding was intense but the kids loved it. I was always so afraid for the guys riding the bulls. At the end there was a motorcycle guy that did some pretty insane tricks. He jumped over a truck and was doing all kinds of crazy stuff. The kids were hilarious. They loved it so much and McKenna was screaming to cheer him on. 
Happy Thursday everyone! 

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