My little sister is married! I couldn't be happier for her and the weekend couldn't have been better. It was so much fun celebrating Anna and Tyler and I'm so sad the wedding is over. 
I was Anna's matron of honor, the girls were flower girls and Bob married them. It was a true family affair.
We hung out in the bridal suite an hour before the wedding and just stared in awe at how drop dead gorgeous Anna was. She truly was the most stunning bride and so calm and confident the whole day. It was such a fun day.
1970358_10151976986668806_1268186259_nThe bridesmaid dresses were so fun! Anna knew from the get go that she wanted something different and more casual because she wanted Vans to go with the dress. We were searching online one day and found this dress at Nordstroms. Anna loved it. I loved it too. It was a tiny black and white stripe and had pockets. With in days it was sold out though. Huge bummer. After doing some googling we found a bunch of them on Amazon, so random. The brand is Jill Stuart.

Bob had been preparing his wedding ceremony speech for the last month or so. He had some ideas down but nothing solid yet. A couple of weeks ago, Bob and I sat down with Ella's Kindergarten teacher to discuss plans for next year. We were talking to her about my sister's upcoming wedding and how excited we all were. I mentioned something about how fun and cool my sister was and how Bob would be the one marrying them. She jokingly said, "are you going to start your talk off with a hashtag or something?!" Yes! Bob and I both immediately loved it and it sent our brains spinning with ideas.
Ella's teacher is a genius.
So long story short, Bob gave the coolest most trendy wedding ceremony ever. Anna and Tyler were clueless to the plan, they had no idea what he had up his sleeve. I told all the bridesmaids to make sure they had their phones in their pocket during the ceremony. Huge plus that our bridesmaid dresses had pockets. Bob let all the groomsmen know ahead of time too to have theirs ready. Bob started off by talking about how he came to know Anna.  He is 15 years older than Anna so he started off with a story of when he and I first started dating 12 years ago. Anna was 10 and Bob and I went to eat lunch at her elementary school. Bob performed the mashed potato volcano at her lunch table and had all the kids cracking up. (its where you fill your cheeks with mashed potatoes and then squeeze them together till the potatoes come back out) He then talked about a few more funny stories of things he had done with Anna over the years to keep her laughing and thinking he was cool. Thats when he began talking about trying to use Instagram to remain cool in Anna's eyes.  He explained how it worked and the meaning behind hashtags. He was hilarious with it. He then asked all the bridesmaids and groomsmen to pull out their phones and take a picture of Anna and Tyler from their point of view, to "get the wedding trending." Bob turned and took a pic with Anna and Tyler. It was classic and unforgettable. Pretty sure Anna will always and forever think Bob is the coolest. I can't wait to see the video of it, it was hilarious.
I love seeing the different angles everyone got.
Bob getting a groupie pic with bride and groom. #coolestpreacherever

I love this picture so much! One of the bridesmaids took her picture of the audience. The joy and laughter on everyone's face is priceless.

The ceremony was beautiful and Bob did amazing at sharing the love Anna and Tyler had for each other and the greater love God has for us all. It was incredible. Right before they kissed he made them pause so we could all pull out our phones one more time.

Lindsay sang in the wedding and it was incredible. She sang the same song she sung in my wedding. "How Beautiful" by Paris.

The reception was a blast! It was a sit down dinner with the most delicious food. I wish I had my dad's opening speech on video. It was fantastic and hilarious! My dad is like me and not really one to be on the spot and talk out loud unless he has to. He is not a fan of tattoos which is funny to say if you have seen Anna and Tyler. My dad's speech ended with him taking off his coat and then rolling up his shirt sleeves. Under his shirt he had on two sleeves of fake tattoos. It looked like he had covered his arms in tattoos. It looked so real that people actually thought he did it. It was so funny!

The sign in book was so cool. My mom bought a book about hair (my sister and her husband are both hair stylists) and had everyone sign in it. Such a neat idea.
After dinner, Anna and Tyler cut the cakes. Our favorite girls at Legacy Cakes made them and they were so good. The airbrushed Tyler's cake to match some of his tattoos. So cool!
Then it was time for the best man and matron of honor toasts. Let me start off by saying that public speaking is my biggest fear. It makes me insanely nervous and I usually run away from all situations in which I would have to speak out loud. At least I knew this one was coming though. I thought about it for months and spent hours upon hours googling wedding speeches. My dream was to magically transform into a rapper or singer and bust out with a funny song. I can't carry a tune at all so I knew that really wasn't even an option. It really wasn't until 2 days before the wedding that I came up with my speech idea. It was risky and I needed Bob's help. He was in crunch time finishing up his ceremony talk so he couldn't really focus on it until the day of the wedding. Talk about last minute. It worked though and I was so excited about it. Even though it was beyond dorky and we are not ones to really pull something like this off, I loved it. I would be just as much awkward just standing up there talking normal so why not try to make it fun.
Have you guys seen the Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake skit where they primarily talk in hashtags?  If not, you have to! It's hilarious and that is what inspired my speech. Since Bob was starting the wedding off with hashtags I figured it was perfect to keep them going. Bob had the great idea to finish it all off with a little dance.

After the toasts it was time for the dance party! My girls never missed a beat. They danced till the very end. The DJ was amazing and the nicest guy ever. (Brian Prescott from Simply Music.) He even played Let It Go for me my girls!
Don't worry, nothing was on fire. There was this fog machine that went off every now and then. McKenna and Sassy were obsessed with it.
All my best friends in one place and even baby Shea! Ahhh!
The bubble guns were a hit. Some of the kids busted them out a little early for the last dance but it was so fun!
It was close to midnight in this pic and McKenna is still going strong, orange blanket and all.
Best wedding ever! #thanksdad

I can't wait to see all the wedding pictures from the amazing photographer Jaalam Aiken and the video from the amazing videographers Dave and Corbin with Soulbox Productions.
Welcome to the fam Tyler! We love you guys so much! 


jojo said...

Thank you for letting us relive that wonderful night. Best toast ever!!

Carrie said...

Oh Allison, your speech was perfect! Perfect combination of sweet and hilarious! Congrats Anna and Tyler! #bestweddingever

Brittany said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now (and LOVE it) and I was cracking up during your Matron of Honor speech! SO FUNNY! I really do think you need to submit that to Ellen!

Misty said...
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Misty said...

& I have to add, as fun and hysterical as your speech was, I still cried when you talked about coming to Oklahoma to get her & holding her first #bff

that IS the sweetest thing ever. <3

ps I am posting this on Ellen's fb page:) I mean, you 2 are practically on a 1st name basis after Kenna's Santa pic hit IG

Ryan and Sylvia Mack said...

I loved seeing this video!!! You are such a great sister... they will never forget that!!! :)

Shelley said...

Thanks for posting these pics! I had a blast at the wedding and it was great seeing you and Kristen again. The DJ was awesome! All the details were perfect and of course the bride was the most beautiful. She sure found an awesome guy! I've known him since he was a little boy and he is the sweetest ever.

The Rodriguez Crew said...

Ok, I smiled through that entire speech!!! So, so great!! #nailedit! :)

2 random things. Your husband seems so awesome. You can just tell by your words and posts how much you adore him. Y'all are darling! Second, I LOVE Tyler's giant, genuine smile in EVERY picture!! So not the typical of the groom, and it just radiated love!!!!

Loved this post!! And the obvious, your sister is drop dead GORGEOUS!!!!


The Lovely One said...

What a fun wedding! I love it! So many weddings are so serious and stuffy, but it's supposed to be a celebration of love!

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