3 months

3 months
Happy 3 months baby Shea!
Your sleeping habits are getting so much better.  I can usually get you to sleep around 9 or so (sometimes after almost no fuss, but sometimes after a lot.  It varies) and then you sleep until about 2 in your crib.  You had a few stretches until 5 and that was amazing but it has now gone back to 2.  You did stay up last night until midnight but we will let that slide.  Your naps are mostly on the go in the car seat, but some have been at home in your crib too.
You talk all the time.  You are so chatty and animated.  It is the best thing in the world.  You are definitely growing too.  No official stats but I would say your head has to be off the charts and your rolls are definitely rollin.  You are the cutest thing we have ever seen and we still just huddle around you at all times and want you to see everything.
I hate that 3 months have already gone by, but I also cant wait until you are laughing and walking in your new walker (that we all went together to buy for you and freaked out when we put you in it.  You were a little overwhelmed and wayyyyy too short to touch the ground, but we got over excited anyway).
Love you so much Shea Shea.

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Carrie said...

Happy 3 months sweet Shea!

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