100th Day of School

Guys. I'm crazy and I know it.
I really do just love anything arts and crafts so when Ella came home with her 100th day of school project I was so excited. She was told to put 100 things on a poster board. It could be whatever she wanted. She had the idea to do something with hair. Alright! 100 hairstyles of Ella it was and it fit her perfectly. We got started as soon as McKenna went down for a nap. We got out every hair accessory and hat in the house and had so much fun fixing Ella's hair for hours. We got 53 hairstyles the first day. The second half was the hardest. We were googling all kinds of crazy hairstyles to get us to 100.  We even had Bob create some of his own. It took a few days but it was so worth it! Ella was so happy and proud of her finished project.
Once I put all the pictures on my computer, I uploaded them to PicMonkey. It is a free website where you can make collages. I used the square collage that fit 16 photos at a time. I just printed them on plain white copy paper and glued them onto the poster board.
Happy 100th day of school my sweet and stylish Ella!
PicMonkey Collageella1PicMonkey ella2.2CollagePicMonkey ella3CollagePicMonkey ella4CollagePicMonkeye5 CollagePicMonkey finalCollagePicMonkey aCollage


Brittany Strebeck said...

i love being able to see each one!! and are you kidding me? she has the most consistent smile i've ever seen. good work, ella!!

Misty said...

I enjoyed this so much. I, too, am torn with Masyn's homework & letting her just take control or if I have some pull.... She really let me guide her with the Christmas tree, but the snowman, well that was a different story. ha! We still haven't celebrated the 100th day of school because of the SNOW! I loved this & can only hope *I* get a cool homework assignment to do ;)

Ella was blessed with your hair, that's for sure!

Unknown said...

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