Summer of Ella! (week 6)

This was the final week for the Summer of Ella. (well 2 weeks ago, still behind on blogging) I was sad to see it end. I enjoyed every Tuesday and Thursday with just Ella while McKenna was at summer school. I wanted to soak up every minute I could with my baby Ella before Kindergarten started. I told myself that during the Summer of Ella days, it was all about her. That meant muting most of my calls, no chores or errand running. I wanted everything to be about her and I spending quality time together. It really was so special and I love all the memories we made of it.
The last week was Ella's pick. For Tuesday we went to the bounce house place. Ethan and Harper met us there and they bounced the day away.

For the last day Ella picked bowling. We had a couple hours till the place opened so she wanted to do a little scrapbooking before we bowled. She has two different scrapbooks that she has been randomly working on for a couple of years. The pictures are so random. It cracks me up! She uses whatever ones she finds around the house. Some are pics of me in high school. It's pretty funny. Here she is scrapbooking a classic pic of Jeff during the 4th a couple years back.
We had Julie and her girls meet us for bowling and it was such a fun last day for the Summer of Ella! Ella and Katelyn were pretty good at bowling. They had the highest scores between all of us!

Since it was also McKenna's last day of summer school, I sent her with some treats for her sweet and amazing teachers.

I can't believe that summer time is over. I can't believe that Ella is going to be in school 5 days a week. I pray that her sweet and tender spirit shines through her shyness and that friends are drawn to her. I pray that she is strong and sets an example of how to be a sweet friend and good student. I pray that any struggles she has in school only want to make her learn more and not scare her away. I pray for my worry. I know there are so many exciting times to come with school and making new friends but I also know there will be hurt feelings and unsureness of things. I know my mom brain is going a little crazy and overanalyzing too much. I really am excited for Ella to start school. I know she is going to love it. I just wish I could keep her home with me everyday always. I love that girl so so much and can't wait to see all that God has planned for her.


jojo said...

This is such a sweet post and sweet Ella will be a shining example to everyone because she has a wonderful example in her life. I can't wait to see what this year holds for her.

Lifethrualinds said...

This post is the sweetest! I know precious Ella will be a light that shines in school among her friends. Love her and love this summer that's been all about her.

Misty said...

oh sweet! and the last pic with the little summer of ella just made me cry. Masyn started pre-k thurday {8-3!!!! omgosh!) and I am a bit emotional and miss her! I am "THAT' mom who gets to the school at 2:10 so I can be 1st in line to pick up their kid. Loved reading about E's summer :)

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