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Even though we no longer live in the Lubbock area, our blog name sometimes confuses people. Which is not always a bad thing since we never would have even heard about Mama Fu's if they thought we lived elsewhere. We got an email from them a few weeks ago telling us about a new restaurant they are opening in Lubbock. If we lived there we would 100% be at Mama Fu's. Asian food is one of my favs and there are not a lot of choices around me now. 
I have not actually been to Mama Fu's myself but from the looks of the website it looks great! So if you are in the lubbock area, go check it out! Here is some info that the owner sent us to pass on to our Lubbock readers.

Lubbock’s second Mama Fu’s location is scheduled to open August 19th neighboring Texas Tech University at 910 Quaker Ave. Leading the West Texas expansion isentrepreneur and restaurateur, Kendall Howard, as part of a deal to open 11 new locations across northwest Texas and San Antonio in the coming years.

Mama Fu’s offers guests convenience, value and unique flavors with its high quality, made-to-order Asian-inspired food, including the MenuMasters award-winning Banh mi sandwich.With a contemporary and user-friendly menu that allows guests to navigate their options more easily, guests can choose between a rice dish or noodle bowl, as well as their protein of choice, from a selection of Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean menu options. More health-conscious guests can order a Steam Bowl or salad, or have their protein prepared wok-seared, a cooking method that reduces oils and starch. For a more exclusive look at menu options and perks, Mama Fu’s offers a popular rewards program to customers, known as the “Funatics Club,” which offers exclusive deals to club members and keeps guests coming back to enjoy the Mama Fu’s experience.

The Austin, Texas-based Murphy Adams Restaurant Group purchased Mama Fu's Asian House from Raving Brands in March 2008. Mama Fu’s specializes in freshly prepared Asian cuisine and offers a unique Flex Casual® service model that includes a fast casual approach to lunch, with a transition to relaxed, full service at dinner. Combined with delivery, take-out, online ordering and catering, Mama Fu's is a convenient and delicious option for every dining occasion. The company currently has 14 locations open and operating, with 60 stores in development. For more information, call (512) 949-3220 or visitmamafus.com.

Ya'll let us know how it is if you try it!

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