Farmers Market

This weekend we went to the local farmers market for the first time since we moved and it was fannnnntastic.  
farmers market
We knew how to pick them, it turns out, because the stand where we ended up buying our peaches, they gave us some overripe ones for free to eat on the way out.
They were maybe the best peaches I have ever had. The juice just ran down our arms and faces and clothes.  Amazing.
Oh, and did I mention there was a goat?
So that was really fun.
Excited to see what else there is in our new town that we havent found yet.  Thanks to my fantastic friend Tori (that I have known since middle school!!) for showing us around. Good thing to know about us, we are pretty much up for anywhere with a goat and/or free peaches.  Just as a staple rule.


Sarah Smith said...

That farmer's market looks awesome! My husband and I just moved to the Boston area (from Georgia) and the farmers markets are HUGE here, but the growing season is so different- nothing is growing yet!! Good luck settling into your new home!

BrookeD said...

I'm so excited for you and Ella, Allison! It's going to be amazing!! I'm praying for both of you sweet mamas as y'all send Ella and Ben and Sassy off to school. You are all going to do great!!

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