Celebrate Carrie Bachelorette Style

My cousin Carrie is getting married at the end of August so this month has been full of fun wedding events! A couple of weekends ago was her bachelorette shower. We started the day in my parents backyard. We ate lunch, cooled off in the pool and had her lingerie shower. I was in charge of decorations for all of this part. The colors were black, hot pink and silver so I made my main focus the drink table. I had a left over black paper table cloth from Ella's dance party. I always have to see the product before it actually happens (a dress rehearsal is what I like to call it) so I had laid out the table cloth at my house the week before. Sweet McKenna ripped it into in a matter of minutes. So I began brainstorming. I was trying to think of a way to not spend money. Which always ends up in spending more money than before. I should have known. I had this white Crate and Barrel table cloth that I had tried to dye pink stripes months ago. It didn't turn out so good. So the girls and I had been using it as a drop cloth for painting projects. It was basically splattered painted in a rainbow of colors. Long story short, I painted it with chalkboard paint and then polka dotted it with silver screen printing paint.  I know the chalkboard paint on a tablecloth sounds so random. A good friend of mine was actually telling me about how chalk paint is good to paint on cloth furniture so my mind went to chalkboard paint. Found out later that chalk paint is a totally different thing. I tried writing on it with chalk and it wouldn't come off. So basically the chalkboard paint has no purpose, just a little blonde mistake on my part:) It was pretty stiff so I heat pressed the whole thing which smoothed it out a bit. So to sum up my "trying to save money on a table cloth" project, I ended up spending more money than it cost to just buy another paper table cloth. But at least I have a fun table cloth to use anytime now!
I made all the bunting from tissue paper. And you know it's not a party without matching shirts.
I kept the front sweet and simple with CelebrateCarrie and totally copied Lindsay for the back design. 
During Amy's lingerie shower, Brittany had THE cutest gift presentation ever! I couldn't get over it and couldn't wait to copy it. You take an empty Kleenex box and wrap it in wrapping paper. Leave the opening open.
Then buy 10-15 pairs of panties. Tie them together with ribbon. 
Put them all in Kleenex box and have the last pair sticking out of Kleenex box like a tissue. Then cover that with two pieces of tissue paper.
When the bride to be opens it she will first pull out tissue paper. Then she will start to pull the first pair of panties and it will just keep going and going! It's so fun!
Happy Bachelorette Carrie! We can't wait for the big day!

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Misty said...

are you doing a layer of white under the pink on this black tank? or is it screen printing paint & that's why it is showing up so well?

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