Summer of Ella! (week 5)

I have been so behind on blogging! If it wasn't for Instagram, I don't think I could remember what I did last week. That's why I love having everything documented on the blog. Now if I could just keep it up...
For week 5 of the Summer of Ella we had a lot of fun! We started it off with a fun craft I saw on Pinterest. We had seen Despicable Me 2 the week before so we made a Minion bowling set.
Thanks to our juiceaholic McKenna, it took no time to save up some plastic bottles. We poured a little rice in the bottom of each one so it would be a little harder to knock them down.
I first spray painted them all yellow. 
Then after about 15 minutes I sprayed the bottom half blue. 
We thought it would be fun to add a crazy purple one too. That idea came to me after I bought the spray paint so acrylic paint had to do. 
I downloaded a free printable here for the eyes. We taped those on and drew the mouth using a sharpie.
Ella loved it!
Before bedtime that night, we had a little family bowling game.
Strike for McKenna!

On Thursday Bob was post call so he got to join in on our Summer of Ella fun! Lucky for him that day was lunch at Chuck E. Cheese! It's one of Ella's favorite places and one of Bob's least favorites. He was a great sport though!
This horse was Ella's favorite. She rode it over and over.
For close to 500 tickets, Ella went home with her very own mini Chuck E. Cheese stuffed animal. Such a fun week!

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