Blue Bell Creamery

A few weeks ago, my friend Suni and I loaded up all four kids and drove to Brenham Texas for a Blue Bell Creamery tour. Ella and McKenna's love for ice cream makeup for the lack of mine so I knew they would love it. I was a little worried about McKenna staying with the crowd during the tour but she did awesome. She was actually more interested than Ella. McKenna just kept saying "cool!" over and over. She loved watching all the people make ice cream and she made sure to get a wave from each worker too. Pictures were not allowed during the tour so we made sure to take plenty before and after.
It was the perfect opportunity to bust out our ice cream shirts we wore at Ella's Ice Cream Party!
We ate lunch at McDonalds on the way so the Minion toys came along for the tour.
Fun fact. Did you ever notice that some blue bell ice creams have a brown lid and some are gold? The brown lids are actually more expensive than the gold lid ones. Another fun fact that I learned is that even if your state doesn't carry blue bell, if you go to an Outback Steakhouse they are guaranteed to have homemade vanilla on their menu.
At the end of the tour everyone got a free scoop of ice cream. Rocky Road is usually my fav but I went with Buttered Pecan this time. Suni got Strawberry, Ethan got Krazy Kookie Dough, Harper and Ella went with a Rainbow Sherbet and McKenna got Chocolate.
Such a fun day!


Misty said...

love this! we have a blue bell creamery about 15 minutes from us and we've never been! looks like fun!

Teresa Halminton said...

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