Week in Review

We had a crazy fun week.
We have been back and forth from every city in Texas and it has been so much fun.  On Wednesday night, my parents got tickets from a friend to go to the Mavs game and it was amazing!! Uhmazing.  We got to bring friends and they did too and so did my brothers.  It was really so much fun.  Aaaannnddd my cousins were there (except lins and we missed you like crazy).  Party wednesday, I like to call it.
And we WON!!! It really was out of body fun experience! GOOO MAVS!! MFFL!!!
Lucky for me, my out of town friend just recently (like yesterday) moved a lot closer and we got to have them come with us...
woohoo!!!  And my parents brought Al's parents and it was a family affair!
Then, yesterday night munch showed us her first loose tooth
I couldnt believe it!! What is the exchange rate from tooth fairy to tooth, these days?
Jennifer said I should make a pouch or something for her to put her tooth in.  I dont know what I am going to do but I am def excited about that.
In between these fun times we jumped in our car and went to temple last minute to see their new house and it was so fun! The kids played so well together and it was a fun, fast day.  Their house is so so cute and I know Allison has fantastic plans that are gonna look so cute!  We also got to see ashley and mason and it just turned out to be such a fun day.
Before we left (do yall love how in chronological order this post is??? I know, youre welcome), I sewed together my granny blanket.
I am excited about how it turned out but it is pretty small.  Have yall ever made one?? What did you do if you were short a few squares?  The thought of making 50 more squares makes me tired and my friend Julie has been telling me different ways I can do it with bigger squares.  I dont know what I want to do.  I had kind of a vision of it with all the same size squares but I dont know.
And I kind of highlighted my hair before all of this.  So, there you have it, our week backward.


Leslie said...

Kristen - that blanket is amazing!!!! seriously!! so fun all of you went to the mavs game!!! so happy you and allison are closer now but sad i won't get to see either of you anymore!!! miss you friends!!

Camila said...

Mavs are a BIG deal in our house these days! Sean will be totally jelly when I tell him you went to the game!

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