I should not be allowed in the kitchen again

for a long loooonnnnggg time.  
This week I made oatmeal snickers choc peanut butter chip cookies,
and its only wednesday morning.
And did you guys know that H&M had a home part?? I love it.  Does it ship everywhere?? Do yall know?
My brother sent me a few pics of this weekend from the fab wedding and a pic of the cute cake that he got for my sister in law.
My kids played by the lake while everyone else sat quietly at the wedding :)
 Shannon loves princesses and everything disney and Patty made her this cake (because Belle is her fave, duh).  And he surprised her! Isnt that so sweet!
While I was up late watching weird movies I found some fun stuff on the web...
I love this whole botanical thing going on over here
How awesome was that mav's win last night??? woo hoo!! MFFL!
These little girl shoes are so cute!!
I love this blanket.  And these bibs.
Ok, we are off to the playdate that we are taking the cookies and the cheesecake bars to be, hopefully, completely devoured by everyone.
We will let you know how it goes.


Morgan Bender said...

I gained 5lbs just reading that! A girl after my own heart. I'm about to start some baking of my own, its my therapy. Kyle would come home and I'd have like 5 dozen different muffins...he'd tread carefully and say... "bad day?" although he knew the answer by the amount of baked goods (I miss you and my double oven)

pinkredandblue said...

h&m doesn't ship to the usa. although, the northpark store opens this fall...can't wait!!!!

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