Balloon happy

I got a little balloon happy last night around midnight and made a little balloon banner that I strung throughout the house for when the twins woke up because today is their third birthday!
Then I got them scooters at wal mart for them to have when they woke up and sassy loves hers!!
Please excuse the powdered sugar caked on their mouths.  They were sucked in by the donuts and I could barely get them up for air.
and ben likes his.  and bugs.
Happy birthday to my favorite twins.  Love you guys so much and am so thankful for you both in my life.  I feel like three is your year! Who knows whats in store...
(hopefully a party.  but I am so lazy that hopefully something will happen with more than just us standing around...I will let yall know about that...)
And a thank you to our men and women who serve our country and who often have to miss their kids birthdays because they are fighting for us to have the freedoms that we so often take for granted.
Happy Memorial Day!


Jeffbarstad said...

I love you so much... thanks for being a wonderful mother and wife!

jennifer said...

happy birthday ben and sassy!! and i love the balloons kris! jeff is right, you are a wonderful momma!

Hayley and Aaron said...

Sounds like a perfect birthday morning! The twins are lucky to have you as their mom!! Love the balloons...happiness!

Leslie said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!! You rock Kristen!!! Hope your precious baby 3 yr olds had a wonderful birthday!!!

Mandi said...

So cute! I bet their eyes were wide with excitement when they woke up!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Ben and Sassy!! I can't believe they're already 3. Love the balloon idea...that would be so fun to wake up to!

Ashley@The Vanilla Tulip said...

Love the balloons:) So fun!

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