brittany's "POP" baby shower

I helped throw Brittany a baby shower last weekend and it was so fun! The theme was "POP." 
My fabulous friend Jordan from kojodesigns did the invites. How cute are those?!
All the hostesses came over the night before and we got everything set up for the shower. The pre-party set up is my favorite part of a party.  It's so fun staying up late getting the vision to come to life! 
Picnik collage
Jordan made all the signs, labels and banners and gave us all a tutorial on how to make pom-pom balls. We made a ton and hung them from the ceiling with fishing line. I loved the way this looked, I will definitely be making these again and again for future parties.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
I was in charge of the popcorn bar. Brittany is a huge popcorn lover so I knew we had to have the best popcorn and I knew just where to get it! My sister in law Aly introduced me to this fantastic little candy/popcorn store in Dallas. They have every flavor and color of popcorn you can imagine! The store is called Candy Corn's. Their website isn't up yet but they were wonderful to work with over the phone and they sent me all the popcorn in the mail. We had Jalapeno Ranch (the best by far!), Apple, Butter, Coconut, and Parmesan popcorn. We made cones out of card stock to hold the popcorn. So fun!
Picnik collage
All the food at the shower was all things that popped. We had jalapeno poppers, blow pops, pop rocks, soda pop candy, bubble gum, rice crispy treats, homemade pop tarts and cake pops.
Picnik collage
We had cards for the guests to fill out for baby Cooper. Each card said something different on them. It was kinda like a fill in the blank. Example, "I hope you love..., I hope you aren't afaird..., I hope you laugh..." 
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Brittany is just the cutest pregnant girl ever and she got some good stuff for baby Cooper. Such a fun shower! Thanks for everyone that came and helped with the shower and thanks so much Jordan for taking such great pics! 


Jamie said...

so in love with this!!! i may have to borrow it! adorable!!

Brittany Strebeck said...

i have the best friends ever!!!

Unknown said...

Shut up I love this! Can I feature this on my blog???

Unknown said...

oh my goodness- y'all did such a great job!!! it'll be on the kojo blog soon (if I can get my act together!). :)

Blair Wheeler said...

OH MY GOSH. I am obsessed with your creativity and perfection!! Love it. This should be featured on every blog. I may have to start one now :)

Unknown said...

awesome, perfect party!

Nina said...

You are amazing! I may also have to steal this idea I love it!!

Leslie said...

So sad I missed it!! I can't believe how creative you girls are. One of the best showers I've ever seen. Oh I am so sad I missed it and missed adorable Brittany! I just can't believe how beautiful this baby boy is going to be!!!!

Lili said...

this is such a cute concept!

Lifethrualinds said...

I just love it guys! So professional and so beautiful! Great job!

Jacob and Amy Hall said...

Cutest thing that I have seen...ever (since my baby Cooper was born)! Great job ladies

the tichenor family said...

this shower is amazing. I may just start a blog called "Everything I Copy from Allison and Kristen" because I want to do everything you do. Actually, I want to move to Lubbock just so I can be one of your lucky friends! :) I love this shower idea and might have to store it for a special friend! xoxo

Anonymous said...

i love this idea! i hope that i rem about this theme when i am preggers!

Noelle Herzog said...

This is absolutely adorable! I would like to replicate this for my sister in law! Can you teach us how to do those wonderful tissue balls! Super creative

Jae said...

Where did you have all the tags printed? We are doing a food shower for a friend who is having baby #5. The theme is still "She's ready to Pop" but everyone is bringing pre made meals to freeze instead of traditional baby gifts.
Anyway, I love your post!!!
Let me know ASAP. Thanks.

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