Weekend Run Down

(was the post before last a weekend one too??? We have got to get our act together.  sorry guys..)
Let me just start off by saying thank yall for the birthday wishes!! Wasn't that the sweetest post??? Thanks Al.  Loved it.  and Linds did one too and it was so so sweet.  Could not ask for better friends (on the web and in real life).  
Birthday was so so great.  Jeff got me Glee for the Wii.  I havent actually had a chance to use it because sassy and aves have been hogging the mic the whole time its on.  It is so much fun.  It is Glee Karaoke, (which we basically do in the car everyday) and it has the best songs. Sass cracks me up.  Sings every word at the top of her lungs.
After a lot of singing I got the next best gift of my life- allison dry iced Thai Pepper and the fiesta dip that changed my world, and sent them to me.  kinda the best idea ever.
Picnik collage
it may not look like heaven, but, trust me, it is.  Too bad gandy's is a west texas brand and that Thai Pepper isnt in every city in the contiguous US.
Then Linds made me this fantastic video of us in our middle school years when we stole her moms camera and used it to make all kinds of skits into movies.  Yes, guys.  It is what you are thinking.  The next best thing to a music video to "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips.  It was hilarious.  And so fun to see her, allison and i, and all of our friends, family and old neighbors.  I will really treasure it forever.
Then this weekend I got to help some amazing ladies give jennifer a baby shower.  The shower was a "cozy" shower and it was so creative.  I am blown away with these girls' creativity and wish I had pics to show yall.  They made soup, we screen printed scarves for the gifts; aimee (and kat) made the cutest banner, cupcake toppers, and invitations.  She is doing our christmas cards too.  The girl is unreal.  She is amazing at all invitations and has an etsy shop. And her friend Kat really cant be beat, either. (I was no help.   I forgot everything I was supposed to bring and was late everytime we were supposed to meet up.  Allison should have said that about me..."cant get anywhere on time to save her life and is crazy reckless with her hair, to the point of making it fall out".  that probably describes me most accurately). I met so many cool people (brandy and I actually went to pre school together and reunited at jenn's house.  how crazy is that??!!) and got to catch up with so many old friends.  It was such a fun night.
Before I left for the weekend, I made jennifer a blanket for her baby, Isla Grace, (ie. the Grace Blanket) and put some other versions of it in the shop.  I gave some to both my newest cousins too, so these are actually pics of their blankets (and of course i forgot to take pics of Isla's).  It is just a big granny square.  Nothing too exciting, but its super fun to mess with the colors.  Jennifer's is like the pink one, except instead of pink it is a muted teal/green.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
After that i met my fam for lunch at chipotle and then some family christmas card pics.
I dont know if you guys have a mom like mine, but if you do, christmas card picture taking is an event in and of itself.  she comes at it so nonchalantly and then it just always takes a turn for the crazy, no matter what. after saying all of that, it really wasnt too bad this year, but here are some of our out takes...
kinda crazy...
then, (is this the longest post ever???) we had some sheet cake and the kids helped me blow out the candles...
Picnik collage
and then we had to sing happy birthday to sassy like 7 more times.
and we ate. a ton. (except jeff.  clearly depicted with the hand over mouth).
Picnik collage
all of that to say, thanks guys, for a fantastic birthday weekend.  So much fun.
And I have still been scarfing A LOT.  Thank you guys so much for all of your orders!! I am just so humbled and thankful for every email and order.  I know that sounds so cheesy, but it is just so neat when someone wants to wear what you made.   Even the girls at neiman's the other day told me they loved it-separately.  I could have died.
I am working as fast as I can and am trying to do at least three a day, so if you ordered one, I promise I am working on it.  There are a few more designs and colors and a few more yarn projects that I will be back with ASAP....


Morgan Bender said...

I love the hair! Its fun to see a whole fam of brunette's, where's your mom? Surely she is still blonde! We are a dying breed. I'm so excited about Isla Grace!!! How wonderful, give them my best. xoxo

Erynn said...

Can I request a hair post? Like How does Allison do her hair, Kristen, Patrick's wife etc... :) Products and all.

Jessica Jeffrey said...

kristen, seriously ya'll are all too cute.
so i can't take my scarf off my neck, love it so much!
thanks for being so crafty!

Lauren said...

I love that Patrick's wife is sporting the sequin sweatshirt!

lins said...

you look SOOO good in brown hair!! i love it!!

and i'm sure the christmas picture turned out as good as always.

oh and the yarn ornaments?? are you kidding?? LOVE THEM! i love a muted color too. i bought you a ridiculous british gift today and i hope you love it as much as i do. miss you lots! xoxo

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