McKenna gets here in 11 days!!! Holy cow! I can't believe it. I am scheduled for a c-section (due to screws in my pelvis) on the 3rd and we just can't wait to meet her! It has been pretty busy and exciting around here trying to get everything ready for Christmas and baby McKenna.
It finally felt like December today, the weather has been so crazy lately. 
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
One day last week we went to see Christmas lights with our friends Carrie, Shea and Molly. It was so cold we had to bundle up and the next day it was so warm Ella played outside all day in her open toed high heels. You never know what you are gonna get here in lubbock...
I have been working on a few homemade Christmas gifts this year, one that has taken me so long it actually won't be ready for Christmas. I'm bummed about that but oh well. Do y'all remember this that I made for Ella when we went to see the Dora Live show? Well I decided that all her cousins and besties (adalyn, lillian, leighton, elizabeth, kinley, avery, sassy and ben) should have a matching one. Ben's of course will be Diego:)
This is my Dora outfit assembly line. Making 8 Dora outfits has taken more time than I expected but it has been so fun! I have everything cut out and the backpack pieces are sewed and pressed so putting it all together is my next big step. I ordered shorts from old navy that came in yesterday so I need to dye them orange. I am so excited to give everyone their very own Dora outfit. Hopefully they will love it as much as Ella loves hers! I am making her a new one because she has grown out of her old one.
And how could Christmas go by without some circular scarves?! I'm still not anywhere close to the talent that Kristen has with these scarves but I have definitely gotten better.
Picnik collage
Here are a few that I have made for Christmas gifts. 
I hope everyone is having fun getting things ready for Christmas. My family is coming tomorrow and I am SO excited!!! I will be back with more random stuff later:)


Lifethrualinds said...

Shut up about those Dora outfits! I can't believe your assembly line. Kinley will flip out. I just love it! What a special Christmas surprise! We miss y'all!

Brittany said...

Allison! I can't believe that baby Makena is coming so soon!! Time flies! Hope you are doing well.

Miss you both Allison and Kristen! Merry Christmas! Give your kids hugs for me.

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