progressive minute to win it dinner

Two summers ago my friend Amy put together Thursday night dinners. There is a big group of people that meets up every Thursday for dinner and Amy gets it all organized and tells each person what to bring. Its always a different food theme and always at a different house each week. In the summer time it is a every week thing but once the school year starts it becomes a once a month thing. This last week we had our Thursday night dinner on Sunday and it was a Christmas party. But not just any ordinary Christmas dinner, Amy did it up right. She put together a progressive minute to win it white elephant gift Christmas dinner. It was SO fun! 
We went to four different houses over the night and each house had a different dish to eat and a minute to win it game for everyone to play. The last house was dessert and white elephant gift exchange. "Minute to win it" is a game where you have one minute to complete a crazy activity. 
Picnik collage
The first house we had drinks, chips and dip, and bacon wrapped jalapenos. The game was keeping three balloons in the air for 1 minute. It is way harder than it sounds. No one actually ever made it for the entire minute.
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At the second house we all enjoyed some taco soup and laughed so hard as we watched everyone play the game two at a time. 7 cups were lined up on the edge of a table in front of you. You had to blow up a balloon and then use the air from the balloon to push each cup off the table. You could blow up the balloon as many times as you needed to. You just wanted to get your cups off the table before the person next to you. 
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
The third house was chicken enchiladas and two minute to win it games. These two games were Ella's favorite for sure. The first one was so funny to watch. Everyone took an oreo and twisted off the top. You then stuck the icing side down on your forehead. You had a minute to wiggle the cookie down into your mouth using no hands. I could never get my cookie past my eye brows! 
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The next game was a fun one for Ella to participate in too. Each person had a box of kleenex in front of them. They had 1 minute to pull every kleenex out of the box using only one hand. Ella loved playing in the mess that this game created:)
Picnik collage
It was such a fun night that ended with a great white elephant exchange. Ella loved helping everyone open their presents. The favorite gift of the night was probably the shake weight:)


Lisa Riley said...

I am forever looking for non-cheesy easy games to play at our work group holiday party... these are sooo perfect! Totally stealing them!

Anonymous said...

Super cute, fun ideas! I wanted you to know I read your blog all of the time and just love it! I actually saw you in the mall today waiting for pictures with Santa. I wanted to stop and tell you hello, but felt like a dork, so I am doing it now, lol!

kristen said...

that last pic of ella is priceless!! she is so cute!!

jojo said...

What a fun night! So creative!!

Alyson Booth said...

SOOO Fun! What great ideas, great food, great friends and great PICS!!! Ella is TOO big! I can't even handle it! miss you guys!

Alyson Booth said...

SOOO Fun! What great ideas, great food, great friends and great PICS!!! Ella is TOO big! I can't even handle it! miss you guys!

Jessica Jeffrey said...

allison, you are just the cutest little pregnant mama! too cute for words!

L Stewart said...

What a cool idea!

Lifethrualinds said...

That looks like so, so, so much fun! I can't get over it! Great pics...love the mix of color and black and white. You look beautiful! Can't wait for McKenna and Ella is just the cutest. Miss you!

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