Luminary Love

Last night, after we went home for my dad's birthday and had just gotten back in town, we had an impromptu luminating party.  I have never made luminaries before, but it was so much fun!  all the neighbors came over to our house for pre-luminary wine, cheese and crackers and then we went across the street to make them.  we just used paper bags, sand and little candles and took them all down our street and out to the main road.  it was so so fun and so easy to do.
Picnik collage
the kids loved helping and we are so lucky to have sweet neighbors who have kids or just love kids
Picnik collage
sassy and ben and avery were beside themselves.  they thought this was the best night of their lives.
afterwards we drove around to light them and we sung horribly off key and wayyyy too loud christmas carols.
Picnik collage
then we had our post luminating meal-pizza and we partied like it was 2010 for a few more days...
Picnik collage
and everyone passed out afterwards...
a few days ago we also went with our residency friends, Julie and Katelyn and their family to see a christmas light display.  it was amazing.  the lights were amazing and we rode on a train, covered in blankets, loving our lives.
(ben looks a little bored here-this is merely a facade.  the kid could not stop oohing and ahhing over it all)
hope you guys are having a fun pre-christmas week.  I know it is so crazy and if you feel anything like I do, you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off getting last minute presents, decor and running to the post office during the worst hours of the day while your kids pull off all the cards in the card display and lay on the ground...ok, maybe thats just me.... scarfing is crazy but I am trying to get everyone their scarf before christmas!! i hope that happens and you are all able to exchange them without any glitches. (There have been some orders that are lost or stolen, so if you have not gotten your scarf, please let me know and I will try to get you a new one asap.  Thank you SO MUCH again, guys.)


Mateya said...

I have not received mine yet, but maybe mine is just one that is not finished yet? :)

Lifethrualinds said...

That pic of Ben and Sassy is so so cute! Just precious. Love the luminaries and love yall.

Lauren said...

this sounds like so much fun!!!! what a great idea! hope you have a fantabulous christmas!

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