Thank you for wearing (and buying) the scarves!

Scarfing has kinda been the coolest thing of my year. I cant get over it.  It is just amazing that you guys are so incredible and buying them for yourself and your friends-it is just so unbelievable.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Early on, when I first started selling them, Lindsay's mom, Carol (and my mom and allison's mom's best friend), emailed me about making them for all of her 6 best friends.  They all exchange gifts and she wanted the scarves to be her gift.  She was so sweet and I teared up just getting the email.  She has always been so supportive and kind throughout my whole life and I am just so thankful for her, and lindsay and their family.  Lindsay and Allison each made two and I made two so she could have some from all of us.
The mom's exchanged their gifts and (luckily) they all loved them!! I am so honored to be the gift maker for such cute and fun moms!!
and then one with my mom (changing out the photographer, you know...)
arent they so cute!! Thank you ladies for all of your support OUR WHOLE LIVES! we love you so much!
and then Lindsay, my first scarf orderer, ordered a few more for her mom and her mother in law and friends-she is, like, keeping me in business!  and her mom is so cute and sent me pics of them in the scarves! I cant get over it!  so so fantastic-
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I love how professional they look in front of their house with their hands by their sides- so classy ladies!! I JUST  LOVE IT!
Thanks again for everyone who ordered (and send me pics if you get a chance!!).  Love making the scarves and just the fact that someone wants to wear them just blows my mind.  love it. happy friday, guys.  

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Mateya said...

Love all of the pictures! Those moms are so darn cute :)

Can't wait to get my scarf in the mail...it's a gift for my best friend! I'll be sure to get a picture of her in it :)

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