Ft Worth Zoo

we have had so much fun these past two weeks in dallas with my family and jeff's while he did a rotation at a dallas hospital. we have gotten to see friends we love (ie. linds, blair, jennifer grace, cousins, grandparents and so many more) and it has just been a blast. We went to the park with linds a million times, shopped around and ate tons of good food. im coming home a size up from when i got here...anyway, it was worth it. and yesterday we went to the fort worth zoo with linds and kinley and it was sooooo fun!! i knew my kids loved animals and would like it but it was just so fantastic and they were in love with all the animals and, as you can guess, the birds. avery loved the flamingos the best and i forgot how gorgeous they all are!! the pink. love em. it was such a great day...
kinley and ben
sass loved this little room with tons of parakeets that flew all around us. she could not stop laughing and chasing them.
ben at zoo
ben and linds
avery flamingos
avery looks like she is in pain here but she is actually doing her flamingo impression!! hahaha!! they all love their bird calls, ya know. she went home and checked it on jeffs phone to make sure it was right...
and happy late braid wednesday!
this was pretty much ben's face the whole time!! hilarious. love the zoo. cant wait to go back!


jan said...

It looks like you had so much fun! I knew they would love it!! It was so great to see y'all and spend time with the kids! We will miss you!!! See you next weekend for the PARTY!! Love you all so much!

Shannonaustin said...

Thanks for the comment on my new blog! I love seeing the pictures of your kids, they are so cute. Whenever Kim and I are together you pop up in lots of our stories! Hopefully someday we can get toether and meet eachothers families!!

Blair Wheeler said...

Love the zoo pics, though I'm disappointed there are no pink pigs in them! It has been fabulous to see all the babies and you the past two weeks - such fun times.

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