Memorial Day 2017

 Memorial Day at Jan and Bobs was such a blast this year.
The Masters just bought a lake house near by and we got to see them off and on the whole time. They brought sparklers over one night and we cooked out and fried everything in sight.  It was so delicious.
The first night we went to the Marina and did karaoke. 
Do you even need to know about anything else we did? I mean clearly that was the best way to start any weekend ever.
Jeff and Bryan for the party started.  Really Bryan.  And then Jeff.  And then Bob sang when Im 64 to Jan and it was ridiculously sweet. J
And shea.  She and aves are perfomersssssss. They loved it.  Shea wanted to sing Let it Go (duh) and they didnt have it (WHAT?!) So Jeff put his phone up to a mic and played it and Shea sang into another mic and it was uh maze.  People died of cuteness I am pretty sure.
Then Aves and Mary did a few stellar hits and all the girls got up a few times.
It was like rock and roll ville in the nicest lake you have ever been to with the most beautiful houses and least redneck marina karaoke ever.
Jeff has a video of some of it and I will post it as soon as I get it.

Shea loved tubbing also.  Another calculated risk. She watched Ben and Sass and Aves love it so much so she wanted to try it.  As soon as she did she wanted to go faster and over more waves AND hold her arms up in the air.  Like she just didnt care.
Sawyers friend Jenna came with us and they were crazy on the tube! They wanted to be in the air at all times and they were hilarious.

This is a normal phone case for an adult 35 year old.
Dont judge me.  OR do.  Its fine.  Allllllll the tweens I am around love it and give me tons of compliments.  its so cool.

Thank you SO MUCH Jan and Bob for everything!!!

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