Too Many Selfies in one Post

Gotta take a pic when you realize everyone is wearing Celebrate Always Tees!
(But Ben, I guess.  He did not get the memo)
 Sawyer wrote this poem at school and I just think its so perfect.
 My shop and overalls and the season that I wore a bandana as a scarf every single day. 
 Getting to see Landon and Nathan and Mason more lately and then they came to Ben's soccer game! It just made our whole life.
 Lunch with two of the Willbanks ladies!
 Jan and Gayle and my mom and her team helped with Teacher Appreciation this year and I think it went so great.
 Gayle made a whole brunch and Jan did flowers for everyone and my mom stuffed some Yetis with cash and gave one to everyone at school.  It was just so amazing to get to be the distributor of so many of these gifts.  The teachers cried, sent cards, gave hugs, sent messages and so much more.  They were so grateful and I am so grateful for all they do for our kids and our community.  I could go on and on about how great our school is and I hope they felt that for that week.

 Also, Honi's Coffee came and did a whole coffee bar for FREE!
 And the last day of Teacher Appreciation was on Cinco De Mayo so it was so fun to wear my Mexican dress and hand out all the Yetis.  I was nervous since most of our school is hispanic and so many of them are from Mexico that I may look dumb, but it was completely the opposite! They all complimented my dress and told me stories of how they had to make them in school when they were in like first grade!
 Mom came over to watch the kids later that week and we went to the Rangers game. 
It is hard to put into words how grateful I am for Jeff.  Lately I have had that panic "please God dont let anything happen to him!". He has been there for me through so much this past year, and I know I would be lost without him.  He has listened to me over and over talk about the same things over and over and with so much patience and wisdom.  Where we used to try and fix each others problems and get frustrated with different points of view, we have grown and can appreciate each others strengths and perspectives and different ways of handling situations.  I feel so safe and loved and known. And appreciated.  In the midst of crying all the time and depression and compulsive thoughts over things I can not change, he is my constant reminder of peace and that I am loved no matter what.  I have seen God move in our marriage more than I ever thought possible and I just dont know what I would do without his support and love.  Thank you Jeff.  I love you so much.

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