Field Day and End of School 2017

 Shea was so excited about Field day that she let me braid her hair and she wore the Elsa dress that Lindsay gave her that used to be Kinleys.  Pretty much her fanciest clothes for the least fancy event.  But she didnt even think twice about it.
Avery hurt her knee so she had to sit out during her part of field day, but she got to help with the little kids in the morning so she was at least glad about that. Though she may have just gone home because she was introverting.  It is sometimes hard to tell...she was better by the end of the day and no signs of pain in her knee. (Quick forehead wipe)
Shea clung to me a little at the beginning and was nervous, but decided she would try and get in line with Sass. Sass kept trying to push her and make her stronger by pretending to be in line with her and at the last minute bailing and making her climb up and go down by herself!  Sabotage. But Shea never lost it or really cared that much.
She is a calculated risk taker.  She only takes a risk once she has assessed the situation and feels like it will be both safe and fun enough to try.
And sure enough, THIS WAS.
 She kept going over and over all by herself.  She loved being with the kids at school and just never wanted to leave.
The next station they went to was an even bigger water slide.  She wanted to try it with ben and it was amazing! It was so tall, but she wasnt the least bit afraid! She loved it!
Then she wanted to stay with Ben's class and keep rotation with them and they were so sweet to her.  It was heart melting. They let her help with all their water events and she was in heaven.  I am so thankful that everyone is so great and laid back up there. I am sure in some other school this wouldn't fly, but here, she was like the queen.  (The Ice Queen).

(Avery had the same teacher as Ben so she hopped in the pic)
Then the kids had their end of year awards where they received awards from their teachers and it was so sweet.  It makes me cry every time! (And reaffirms my need to learn spanish.  I love listening to the ESL teachers give awards and just hate that I cant understand them. How can I learn an entire language in like 24 hours?) I am just so dang thankful for these teachers and for their friends.  I am so proud of my kids for how hard they have worked and I just love for our school.

Avery was chosen to be a Burks Ambassador this year, which is like Student Council and she had so much fun.  She loved having different responsibilities and getting to be in charge of things.  (Like doing the welcome at graduation.  That we missed because we can never get to something when it starts.  We told her she had to start doing things that weren't at the beginning.  Her teachers know us.  They understand).  She did a great job and I am so proud of her and all the ways she stepped out and led at school.
But her graduation was on Thursday and that is a whole other post.  She is going to middle school and I cried through the whole ceremony cementing that in her life.  It was AMAZING. More later.

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