Lucky 13

Bob and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary this Monday. We had a quick lunch date before we picked the girls up for a dentist appointment. I love doing life with Bob. He truly makes everything more fun! He leads our family by being an example of a humble and strong man who loves the Lord each and every day. 
Girls had swim at 6 that night so we decided to pick up dinner on the way home from that. If you live anywhere near Fort Worth I highly recommend Gus's Fried Chicken. It is so so good! 
I love to bust out my wedding dress whenever I can. It stays on a hanger in our coat closet and is no where near preserved or clean. I was going to cook breakfast in it that morning but snooze buttons were hit and things got crazy.  I decided to put it on for dinner, which happened to be in the front yard. When Ella first realized what was happening she gave me the eyes and was like, mom are you going outside with that on?! You bet I am.

 It ended up being such a fun night! Bob is slightly obsessed with Tiff Treats (a cookie company that delivers hot fresh cookies) so I had a box delivered while we were still out front eating dinner. We passed out fresh cookies to all the neighbors that came out and random people who drove by saying congrats, haha!

It was amazing and made me so happy to celebrate with so many people!

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