A day in the life of (an almost two year old) Shea

Somedays she likes to put on her make up before she goes out of the house.
She learned everything she knows from me.  She is almost ready for her youtube channel.
And almost every day we take her babies for a walk.  It's her absolute favorite thing to do and she can never get enough walks with her baby.
And then we swing on our neighbors swing.
He has the best swing.  He is 93? (I forget.  I need to ask Jeff.)  He works in his yard everyday and always is happy to let us take over his yard.
Gracie goes on walks with us too, but for some reason I dont have any photos of her today.
I hope I never forget these days.
They just go by so incredibly fast and I know I will miss them with that ache deep in my heart once they are gone and I am reading this blog post in a few years.
Sometimes there are random leaves that fall in the winter and we play in the leaves,
And sometimes we go to the grocery store,
Some days we go take the big kids lunch at "schooooooool".  She loves love going to school and usually cries when we leave.
Today she also tried on everything in Avery's bottom drawer.
That drawer happened to contain anything from pajamas to swimsuits to underwear to shorts.  We are very organized, clearly.
Shea talks all the time.
She can say or communicate almost everything she needs to to me or jeff.  It is so awesome.  Her voice is like magic and it is absolutely melting to hear her say her version of words. She can communicate so so well and it is just so much fun getting to know her more everyday.  I am so thankful for her and it has gotten to be so much more normal to be entertaining her in some way for almost the entirety of the day.  That took some adjusting on my part at the beginning of her life, and I had kind of a difficult time with how all consuming she can be. I know that these days go faster than I think in theory, but there are days that I let all of this get monotonous or I think that I have other things that I need to get done.
I hate that I even have to remind myself that all that I want to do is be here with her in the day, and then all of the kids once they get home.  This, even though the moment by moment can seem ordinary, it is the most rewarding thing I could ever do. Sometimes it takes looking back on the photos of the day to remember just how incredible every moment really was.

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