Well, we didnt cut our tree down

Since we got our tree two days before Christmas last year, my kids were not risking even letting me think we could try and cut it down this year.  They know that I am the worst procrastinator ever and that we could end up without a tree for most of the holiday season so they made me go to a lot.  A LOT.  UGH.  I mean, nothing against a Christmas tree lot, I just want to keep the only tradition that we have had for (most) of our family life and I have already blown it two years in a row.  And Jeff was wearing shorts when we got it because it was so hot that day.  Its fine.
(Enough of my pity party.  The tree is up and thats what matters...)
This is Shea's new posing stance.  I think she is trying to copy when the big kids spread out their hands and it just cracks me up.
And our scale is a little off.
In the tree farms that we have been to before, the trees are really small because they haven't actually grown for that long.  In the lot, we thought we got a fairly small tree, but turns out, it was HUGE in our house.  This is after we trimmed it down (not because it was so big but because it kept falling and we couldn't figure out until two days later that it was actually our stand...).  We can barely see around it or get light in through our window but it def lights up the neighborhood through our window.
And then we starred it and called it done.  It was fun actually seeing all the homemade ornaments again and see how neat it really is to be able to see them every year and remember that year we made them.  So maybe the memories will live on if we dont cut down our tree with our bare hands.
I also added the buffalo plaid runner that I got from Becca's sale to the table and IM NEVER TAKING IT OFF.  Buffalo plaid is now Barstad Plaid thanks to Katy and its a year round staple.
IMG_8873 (1)
The youngest three and I did some sight seeing downtown after lunch after church the other day and did some holiday picture taking along the way.
That side smile, tho.
And we went to holiday in the park with the Yorks (where Ben got lost a little at the end, but we found him, whew!) and it was so much fun.  Loved every minute of reliving my childhood going every year with my cousins.  Cant wait to make that a, you guessed it, tradition!
And we got these two gorgeous babes together and then took a cute pic of all my kids.
Win, win, win.


Lifethrualinds said...

Gosh, I love love love a blog update. I love every single pic. The tree is perfect, those big kids are too big and a day in the life of Shea is a day I want to live in! Love yall.

Anonymous said...

Adorable pics.

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