Papa Elf and Buddy have a birthday

The jury is still out, but its possible Shea likes her birthday more than me.
She had a joint birthday with Victoria (because they have the same birthday!) and Victoria was Buddy the Elf and Shea was Buddy's adopted elf Dad (Papa Elf).
It was awesome.
I set it up like Gimbels whenever Buddy decorates once he hears that Santa is coming (even though Papa Elf is never at the mall.  It was stressful for me to go this route since its not completely accurate, but it was the easiest and cutest option).
I bought everything the day of (except the sign and the disco ball.  And those are clutch.  The sign is A Little Lovely Company on Etsy, and the disco ball was amazon) on clearance, and we set it up in a couple of hours thanks to all my elves.
Rachel and my kids and niece made the snowflakes and paper chains and helped me hang everything and Allison made all the food.  My mom brought Chick fil a and like 600 nuggets were consumed at the party (not kidding).
And of course we had buttons.
The usual suspects came and we were hanging out and it was so much fun.  Unlike usual, however, Shea would not let Victoria hold her even though she is like her favorite human ever and I didnt really know why.  We ignored it and just kept on with the party and I almost forgot to sing.  Thankfully I did not because it was Shea's absolute favorite part and she made us sing over and over to "ME!" and not Victoria.
Turns out, Shea did not want to share the spotlight.  She didnt want it to be Victorias bday too!  At the very end, she finally conceded and we got to sing to both of them- over and over and over...
(saying 'ME!' when we got to who's birthday it is...)
And I mean, it goes without saying, that Vic is a gem.  Who else do you know would dress up in a Buddy the Elf costume that she bought when we first had the idea of the party?! Even before shea had hers.  She is truly as beautiful inside as she is outside and we could not be more thankful to celebrate her too!
It was priceless and hysterical and just the best.  Love that little birthday hoarder and her Buddy, and so thankful that we got to celebrate them.

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