McKinney Oktoberfest 2015

We had our first ever Celebrate Always booth (which we shared with Oak & Evelyn) at Oktoberfest in Mckinney at the end of September.  I truly do not think we ever quit smiling.  It was so much fun! We worked nonstop getting ready for the show and it would not have been possible without the most amazing friends.  Andi and Lauren came over every day leading up to it, Lindsay drove from Colleyville and stayed an entire day, Victoria and Katie both learned how make koozies, Jeff and Bob kept the kids the entire weekend and our moms came up almost the whole time.  It was just the best. I think the visitors made it.  Lindsay and Ben came up, Tiffany and Christopher, Blair and Mel, Jennifer and her mom, Andi, Anna, Katie, Becca and her family, Jon Mark and Keali, Patrick and Shannon, and I am sure I am forgetting people- I cant even handle it.  Every person just made it that much more fun by coming and being so supportive.
We gave out flair like it was nobody's business to everyone who walked in.  We had a huge stand for the koozies and people went through those just walking past.  Katie also had an amazing dream the night before that we passed out surprise coupons to people all throughout the square and told them they could spend them in the next hour.  And that dream needed to become a reality asap so we made these happy hour coupons and passed them out the whole weekend.  It was happy hour the whole time! And people really came! We just couldn't get over it.

It was just the best weekend ever.
And our next gig is in December at the Will Rogers Colluseum in Ft Worth with Etsy Ft Worth.  We will keep you posted on that one.
Thank you SO MUCH everyone who came and helped, supported, hung out, watched kids, created, laughed, had ideas and just were our friends.  We are so incredibly grateful to be able to do this and we could not do it without you.
We cant wait to take this show on the road again!

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