Just, all of it- in no particular order (though I wish it was)

This is the best that I have right now.  I expect it to be few words, but I may get on a kick and start talking and getting sentimental about how long ago these pictures were taken, who knows.  But for the most part I think this will be photo full and word small.  
(And I still have yet to post those ol' wedding and baby photos that are the best things in the world from this summer.  Those are coming....)
Eh hum, here we go.
We went to the Cayman Islands like we do every year with my family and it did not disappoint.  It was pretty amazing.
The kids hated having a beautiful baby cousin around them all the time.  She clearly is the most fought over baby I think I have ever seen.  ALL of my kids want to hold her the entire time she is in front of them every time they see her and Avery usually wins.
But Shea is a close second.
Ben loved his life every minute (except that he broke his arm earlier this summer.  He fell off the monkey bars at the park and had to have it reset.  It was so terrible and I was just the one watching.  It is a waterproof cast, which is awesome, but not a sand proof one.  So he did have to avoid sand).
Like always, he had a great attitude about it and fishing was probably the highlight of his life.
We cant wait to go back.
We went to Ke Ohana on labor day, like we always do.  And again, it did not disappoint.  Its a very similar story- ben and jeff fished, the girls held Kai, we made shirts, had a blast, etc, etc.
IMG_7999 copy
Our old friend Garth came in to town and we went to see him... twice.
Brooke and her friends came with our family the first time and it was, you know its coming, but truly, amazing.  He was just so good.  He played every song we knew and played his heart out.
I dont know why I can only find this photo and not the one of me and brooke...
Then we went with this crazy crew and, again, he was amazing
And just a quick side by side comparison of the last time we went to Garth all together.
No one was arrested this time and we were not in Vegas, but we did have matching home made shirts and a whole lot of fun.  And I had super high waisted mom jeans this year, so I would say it was a win/win.
We drove to Tyler for a couple of hours so we could meet Julie's newborn baby boy and he is of course, like everything she makes, perfection.
We helped Rachel set up her print shop online and Shea did a little modeling.
She is also at the most fun age ever, I think.  She is talking in tiny sentences and saying "ya" to everything.  She communicates so well and she is just so much fun to be around.  We walk her babies every day and she lets me know when they are crying or need a new diaper.  She is very attentive (when she is not whacking their heads on the floor or leaving them for days without any concern.  She may not be quite ready for motherhood yet.)
Sawyer got the award for student of the month the first month of the year, so that was pretty great.  I almost didnt make it to see her receive her award because I had to pay a fine for not having the sticker for my registration on my car up to date.  I had gotten a ticket and I was a little bit late to pay it, and I thought I may have to go to jail.  But, thankfully I made it out alive and unchained- and just in time for them to call her name. And Ben is doing so much extra work and tutoring and pushing himself and I am so proud of him.  And Avery, you know, is getting everyone up for school.
So, now that I have turned this into an annoying christmas card from the people you dont want to hear from, I will end on that note.
Or be even more annoying and tell y'all we had our first show with Celebrate Always this past weekend and it was only the best weekend of our lives and we will be back later for more deets.  How is that for over annoying blog post?! I think its time to call it.

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