One Child Left Behind 2015

SOOOOOOOOO many things to post about this summer that were incredible and amazing and I want to remember every moment of that include weddings and new nieces and nephews and trips and fishing and lake days and way too many selfies of my children where they used weird apps and their faces look like aliens.  But, we dont have time for that right now.  Ill be back for that.  Today, we document school for my fourth and second graders (WHAT?!)
Shea couldn't resist being in the photo.
And one with Gracie and the isolated toddler.
The only reason we were able to make it to school after an entire summer of sleeping in, was that Avery woke everyone up, made them breakfast, got their lunches out of the fridge and into their backpack and was ready to go by the time I got out of bed at 7:10.
She is amazing.  What would I do without her?! (dont answer that).
Shea was fine the first day because she got to help them walk in and drop them off.  The second and all the days since, she has had the panic cry every time they walk out of the car.  She is devastated.  She misses them so much.
We have tried to stay busy.
We have taken her babies on lots of walks, changed their diapers thousands of times, and tried to acclimate to life without the big kids.  It has been sad, but I am just so thankful for our school and their teachers and our life.
I read a post that a blogger wrote about attending public school and I shared it on Facebook.  It is similar to our experience, but not completely, but it does reinforce some of the views I have about why we go to public school.  I obviously am pro any type of schooling and think everyone has to do what is right for their own family.  I didnt say that on Facebook and I wish I would have.  I hope no one thinks that I think public school is the only way to go.  But it has been what works for us and something I am so thankful for.
The girls and I got our second grown up pedicure at a real place before school with some of our church crew and it was the perfect start to this year.  I am so thankful for people in mckinney that we have grown to love so much.  Making friends who are as weird as us is so hard.  I feel like it takes me forever to get close to people and feel safe with them, but I feel like we  are there.  We have met some incredible people and I am so so thankful.
(Ok, I didnt do it.  My social anxiety trumps any idea of a pedicure, even if it includes a massage of any kind.  I just cant do it.  Luckily the girls loved it and my friends are pros.  No way I could have done that shiz on my own.  The whole thing scares me.)
Let's do this school year 2015-16!!
This post was brought to you in part by the word 'thankful'.

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