School Thanksgiving Parties

I love a school party! 
 I had so much fun getting to help with both Ella and McKenna's Thanksgiving celebrations. McKenna's class party was in the morning and we got to hear them sing a few songs which was of course so cute.
After that they filled their plates up and enjoyed a feast in their classrooms.
I went up to the school a few days earlier and took pictures of each kid in McKenna's class. I made it into a placemat for the parents to take home. I asked each one what they were thankful for and then I wrote it on a chalkboard speech bubble. It was so fun hearing what each kid would say. Most of them would say their mommy but sweet McKenna said Mrs. Blacklock. She sure knows how to melt your heart. Mrs. Blacklock is the preschool director at their school but we also go to church with her. She has become such a special part of my girls lives, especially McKenna. Every single Sunday at church for probably the last year, my girls draw Mrs. Blacklock a picture and give it to her when church is over. She gives them a piece of candy or a small treat in return. The stuff she pulls out of her purse for them is pretty amazing, she is the modern day Mary Poppins for sure. She spoils them like her own and I love it so much. McKenna saying she is Thankful for Mrs. Blacklock makes my heart so happy.
Ella's class party was combined with the other Kindergarten class. The room moms work together on holiday parties so it was so much fun putting this together with the other home room mom, Molly. She had the great idea to do a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving theme. I had never seen the movie but as soon as she told me their feast involved popcorn, pretzels, toast and jellybeans I was sold. We had planned on having the teachers show the movie to each class so that the kids would know the story. Turns out the movie says stupid and blockhead a few times so it wasn't allowed to be shown at school. We decided to just have the teachers read them the book instead. I thought it would be cute to have a character sitting at the head of each table.
I pulled Charlie Brown characters into my silhouette program and cut and pasted them onto a chair. I then printed the characters onto transparency paper and then blew them up with an overhead projector. My girls loved having Charlie Brown characters hanging all over the house for a couple of days. Molly printed off some cute thankful cards that the kids filled out and set up a tray of Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving feast food at each place setting. It turned out so cute and the kids loved it. We had tables set up in the middle with other foods for the adults and kids to enjoy as well.
I made some Thanksgiving goodies for the teachers. It was a yummy Apple Chex-Mix recipe from my mother-n-law.
The prayer mom in Ella's class had the idea to make this cute wreath for her teacher. She took all the kids pictures and traced their handprints. I put it all together on a burlap wreath and we gave it to her for Thanksgiving.
Happy late Thanksgiving everyone! 

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The Savage's said...

Love Mrs. Blacklock...and you OWN an overhead projector??

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