Just wanted to cover Halloween real fast before I get into November posts and then December. I think I know what one of my New Year's resolutions will be...

We did some pumpkin decorating. I invited all the girls from Ella's class over one day after school and they had fun covering their pumpkins with foam stickers.
Then Bob busted out the power tools and did some carving.

We have reached the time where I don't really have much say in my girls costumes anymore. So sad that they don't see eye to eye with me about family themed costumes. Maybe someday...
For months they were stuck on Sofia Grace and Rosie. Then it switched to Elsa and Anna which I was great with since we already had the costumes. They dressed up 3 different times for truck or treats and then Halloween. The first time McKenna was Anna and Ella was Elsa. After that though McKenna switched to Pippi Longstocking. It was a costume I had made for Ella when she was 3 so it was the perfect fit. She looked adorable. Her favorite part was the drawn on freckles. She wanted to sleep with them on and never take them off. 
Our small group did the Candy Land trunk for the third year in a row for trunk and treat and it was so much fun.
How cute is that cupcake?!
We had a group of friends come over for a front yard soup party while the kids passed out candy. Once it got dark we all loaded up in the back of Bob's truck and he took us down a couple streets in our neighborhood. It is one of my favorite Halloween traditions we have done here. I didn't take many pics and don't even have one of Bob and I. Y'all will just have to imagine our super awesome and creative costumes. Or just picture me in my uniform of jeans and a sweatshirt.
Happy way late Halloween everyone! 

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