The Best Thanksgiving Ever

Ok, maybe not ever, but in a long time.
Just loved loved everything about it.
I mean look at these faces.
Who could not love spending a week with them??
My sister in law and brother in law came in town from Colorado with their kids and it was just like on the family stone (before sarah jessica parker gets there) and everyone is hugging and so excited to see each other and you feel like they have never been apart for even a second.  And it stayed like that for the entire time they were here and the kids were literally in a bad mood if they were not all together.
We ate thanksgiving dinner on Sunday with the whole fixins and it was delicious.  I will be honest here and say that I do not like very much of thanksgiving food (Its all the same color.  what is with that) But I know enough to know when food is good even if its not my cup of tea.  And what I do like of it, it was delicious.  Jan and Sarah are artists in the kitchen. I just tried to hold babies wherever they would let me.
And I got to be in the family picture this year.
So that is what I call winning.
DSC_3072 - Version 2
Then I went to see my Grandmother who has Alzheimer's and my aunt and cousins and their kids went too.  It was so so wonderful to see her.  She is the kindest and most loving person I have ever been around and she is the same way even though her brain betrays her.
My cousins wives are so beautiful and their kids are so cute.  I didn't get to see my cousins like we have done in the past over thanksgiving, but it was so nice to see their families.
I mean look at these babies. Killin it.
Patrick and Shannon came over for a little game night later in the week and Avery led the kids in victory in 'beat the parents'.  They make the kid questions way too easy, if you ask me.
There was park time,
Look at that hair blowing in the wind, shea shea.  She is practically repunzel!
And went to the game with my family like we always do.
Then on Saturday we all went to my parents for some tree decorating.
Just had the best time with my family.
We put up our Christmas decor and that was pretty exciting.  Jan got me real garland this year and so everything smells like pine and sap and Christmas everywhere.
We made some salt ornaments for our tree, that we don't have yet.
But we will cut it down soon.  The trees that we cut down are always a little small and not very pretty, but its about the tradition you know.  We cant give in to the wal mart lot even though those trees are so big and tempting.  We must stay strong.
Oh then we got our jommies from mendy (mendykaydesigns) and they are SO CUTE I AM DYING!  We couldn't even wait until December to break them out.
That about covers it.
Just loved loved every second of this break.  Every bit of family time was better than expected and I just couldn't be more thankful for them.
Here's to Christmas guys!!

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