Wrapped up in you

The latelyness.
Shea will take a bath wherever she can get it.  Sink, tub, shower- she loves it all.  
This dress was Avery's and then Sawyer and now its Shea's.
When you cant reach your back to put an entire sheet of tattoos on yourself, you ask your sister and she will do it for you. I love these twins.
Jan left sass some flowers to put around our house when she left for colorado and they were so gorgoues! Sass knows more than I do, so she taught me how to trim the leaves off the flowers and arrange them in a bowl.
Sarah and Paul came to Texas and I got to watch the kids for an afternoon and the kids were pretty much in heaven.
JPB and the Bean.
Aly called me the other day and just wanted to make sure that we were not having a sleepover that night because avery had sent an invite to adalyn that said she was invited to a sleep over.  I love that kid.  I had to go back and tell her that she needs to clear that kind of stuff with me next time but I do love that party spirit :)
I also got to be in the room when Linds welcomed sweet baby Dylan Lee Harrison into the world.  It was just the most incredible thing I have ever experienced and just so so happy for the harrison family!!
Ben had his first flag football game on sat and he walked around a little bit not really on it... but he loved it so well see how it goes!
And saturday night we got to go to one of our dear friends from med schools wedding and got the gang back together.  It was SO MUCH fun.  We partied the night away and loved every single second of seeing everyone! Congrats Marianne and Mark!
Kind of a jumble, but, you know, everyday is a party.  Well, not everyday.  But the days with a wedding and fun reception are definitely a party.  So, I guess moral of the story is, may everyday be a wedding day?  Too much.  I get it.  But maybe finding some of those huge pink glasses may at least help.

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