Bob's Year of 37 September Envelope

This was the last envelope. So crazy a year of envelopes has come to an end. It was such a fun gift that I enjoyed giving Bob throughout the entire year. I did try to GBOGH (go big or go home) and get Ellen to help me fill an envelope. I wrote her months ago but never heard back. I'm sure she just had my wrong number or something or maybe she'll get back to me later.
I ended the last envelope with a note from me and a fun date night for Bob and I. We love funny people and Jim Gaffigan is one of our favorites. Kristen let me know that he was going to be in the area so I jumped on it and got some tickets. We can't wait!
Thanks for always making me laugh babe. Sometimes to the point of tears. (rolling down my legs) I love you! 

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