Craft Room Curtains

I have had the idea of hanging curtains in my craft room for a long time.  I had even bought the curtains that were now long time residents of the floor in said craft room.  I had full intentions of moving in that direction, but things just kept coming up....
So, when my friend mary came in town for a short visit and wanted to meet up at ikea to shop around and she told me that she had the same exact vision of curtains for her kids rooms,  I got inspired to actually do it.   
Long drawn out way to say that I procrastinate, but I have finally completed a task (yea!).
My craft room is a huge work in progress (and by work in progress I mean, a place where there is little to no organization and I am working at a snails pace to improve that.  and obviously curtains that are solely for looks is moving in the right direction...), so I can only show you the curtains that aren't actually completely done, but thats clearly irrelevant.
This was the easiest curtain making process known to man.
I bought Ikea curtains. Then I cut them into fourths.  I cut off the little things that they had at the top to hang with and just used the hem to slip through the curtain rods.  Then I hemmed the pieces that didnt have a hem so they could slide onto the rods.  Then I added some tassels or bobbles or pom poms (I dont know what they are actually called) to the edges with one stitch.
I didnt even hem the bottoms, so dont look too close.
DSC_2999 copy
and wah lah!
My mother in law got the fabulous light fixtures downtown and the tables are old science tables from a classroom (with gum underneath and all).  (And we do have two computers, one is just really old.  You just cant tell in the picture)
DSC_3002 copy
Maybe next I will actually organize something in here.

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