Ranger Games, sleepovers and Chuck E Cheese

I want to say that this is what has been happening lately, but that would imply that these pictures are at all recent, which, unfortunately they really are not.  But for the sake of remembering Julyish, here is what we have been doing lately.
two square collage
Sass had her first sleepover with avery at Aly's house! She was so excited and could not get over it.  She cried when we left the next day, after we spent the whole day with them. Just too much fun, those Booths.  And we had even put them to work on their playhouse most of the day.  Who said child labor isn't good labor? (Us.  We did.  It was a huge mess).
While the girls slept over and worked for free, ben went fishing with jeff
He hated it.
Then we took shea to her first ranger game.  She looks mas o menos in this pics- but she loved it!
two square collage
It was like a huge party that she thought, was just for her.
And a few more details include the bummer of Shea getting sick for the first time and I was a mess/ then she got better/ me spending more time at the dentist this summer than the summer of 2012 and that is ALOT/ we have spent quite a few days at chuck e cheese this summer- with cousins, second cousins and the harrisons/ and cousins camp was such a huge hit, just like every year.  Love those grandparents so much!
Ok.  More to come on with these summer catch up post before they go to school.  UGH.  I cant believe I am saying that.  I am just not ready.  I thought that I would be, and that the heat would wear us down, but its not even been that hot.  And I feel like I have barely seen the kids long enough to call it a summer.  School shmool.


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Dream life of the Barstad kids!! I want to go back in life and be one of your kids!!!

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