Littlest Sister

This kid is smiling all the time.
It is the absolute best thing ever.  I know I am a broken record on this, but I just cant help it.  Im the dorky gushy mom that acts like every time she smiles is the first time.
And my team is right there with me.
Every time she smiles and they are around for it, they run and tell each other to come and see.
Avery loves to bounce her and will pick her up and try and bounce her back to a smile if she's ever crying.
Really, they all want to keep her smiling.
They dont just gush to her and tell her how pretty they think she is or how big she is (though we all have a distinct baby voice that we use to say these things to her on a regular basis)- they also treat her like a person and want her to be happy and a part of every thing thats going on.  They know what she likes and what she thinks about most things.
They know she likes the bath so they couldn't wait to get her in the hot tub.
They want to pick her up and hold her all.the.time.
They all fight over who gets to feed her.
She has just become a natural part of everything we do.
It just amazes me.
And, yes, I am definitely 100% tired and things have been touch and go with her late night cry fests and her complete lack of interest in naps. And four kids is a lot sometimes.  And there are a lot of times that I pray to literally make it to the next time she stops crying (that sounds so dramatic when you write it out like that).  But, even though it has been hard in so many areas, the sibling part has not been one of them.
Avery gets up early and makes everyone breakfast sometimes to let me sleep in.  The first time she did it I almost cried.  I just couldnt believe it.  Sassy will do things before I even ask.  She will have whatever I need ready for me whether it be her homework or sheas paci.  And if I do something that makes a mess or wasn't what she wanted, she is quick to tell me that its ok and for me not to worry about it.  And ben gets the shaft all the time when shea is crying and I have to tell him that I can't read to him or play with his dinosaurs.  He always, always has a good attitude about it, and never throws a fit.  It has just blown me away how thoughtful they can all be- not because they think they have to-  but because they really do love her so much.
I know this sounds so cheesy and I dont want to come off wrong- I just never want to look back and forget this time.  And its clearly not all the time.  There are countless times that I have to ask for them to do what I say fifteen times before they even hear me, or that they fight with each other about every little thing.  Right now, though, I just want to remember the good stuff.
And heres to hoping that she doesn't turn into the most difficult person ever to be around because she has been stared at every waking moment of her life.


Misty said...

oh what gorgeous gorgeous photos!!!!!! I love how you gush about Shea & the rest of your crew because that's what proud happy mamas do!! I want one more baby SO bad & there are days I think I must be crazy because the 2 sweethearts I have give me a RUN FOR MY MONEY! ha! BUT I just know AK is meant to be a big sister & Masyn is meant to be the biggest sister ;) Your posts make me realize I can do it with 3!
Shea has the sweetest smile & the absolute cutest little bald head! When I was little, I wouldn't play with a baby doll unless it was a bald one--- because those are the cutest! Both of my girls had hair, so maybe I'll have a little bald boy!! {fingers crossed!} ;) Thanks for sharing these precious photos!

Carrie said...

Love her. I am the youngest of 4 (2 older sisters and a brother, too), and what you describe is what I always felt! I wasn't "spoiled," but just so so loved! I grew up to be pretty dang confident because of it. And maybe love to have people do stuff for me, ha! I bet it will be the same for sweet Shea. She has so many cheerleaders and people to stand up for her! It gets me all teary just thinking about it. :)

christiejayne said...

this is the sweetest..

Alexis said...

Such a sweet post! Love your outlook on life! Your family is the cutest.

Alexis said...

Such a sweet post! Love your outlook on life! Your family is the cutest.

Lisa said...

Really such a genuine, sweet, loving post! You are amazing, and baby Shea is beautiful!

Unknown said...

Kristen, I have to keep coming back to look at these pics because they are just too precious!! What great memories you will have of these special times. I love how positive you are and how much you adore your kids. Makes me weepy! Love ya, Carole

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