Valentines Day...

So, I really want to have something cute in my house for valentines day and I am in a HUGE rut. I dont know why I cant get it together this year.  I have less and less orders for scarves, but I still havent had any thoughts other than yarn in, it feels like, years.  
Since Avery's party last year was hearts, I felt like I had valentines day covered and I had tons of heart things- like TONS.  This year, not so much.
I have been trying to scour the internet, so here are a few ideas I have found
heart garland
valentine's cookies (these are amazing!!)
valentines day bag
cardboard postcards.  these could so be used as valentines.  and of course i love them, they involve yarn. i mean, hello, duh.
look at these pop tart pops!! you could so make them into hearts.  i love these.
the party dress has some great ideas too.
how cute is this stuff from eat, drink, chic?!
ok...thanks for letting me throw out other people's ideas. im so creative.  cant help it.


kinsey logan said...

i love the crossword puzzle cookies! They are so cute! I hope someday I am as creative of a mom as you two are!

lins said...

you are so cute- i need to do valentines things too. my house is looking a bit bland right now... missing you guys so much!! i think i like that heart garland the best- looks doable but adorable (wow those two words are so similar..) LOVE YOU!!

Beth said...


Jamie said...

love the pop-tarts! i have to try them!!! thanks for posting such fun stuff!

Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

I am slightly obsessed with the cuteness of the pop tart bites!!!!

Unknown said...

im having bunco this month at mi casa up here in mckinney (bc i LOVVVVVE valentines day!!!) and i am SO stealing a million of these ideas. sweet action. thx for saving me the research :)

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