lazy days...

We have been having our fair share of lazy days over here. The main reason we have been stuck inside the house is because of my healing process from the c-section but also because it has been so dang cold outside! Who would want to leave the house?!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
We have made lots of pallets and watched movie after movie. I'm not complaining:) I love me a good lazy day.
Brittany and I even got a little crafty too.
Picnik collage
The island in our kitchen is still raw wood on top. It will one day have butcher block on it but until then we came up with a great idea. We spray painted it with chalkboard paint! 
Picnik collage
It's the perfect place for grocery lists, reminders, and funny notes to the roommates. Ella has been loving it too. 
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


The Crazy Castros said...

Love chalkboard paint;) we did it on the side of our refrigerator and it looks awesome!!!!we placed a board that is very smooth then painted it and glued it on WOW!!! It looks great.

Misti Dawn said...

What a cute chalk idea, I'm going to try that somewhere. BTW congrats on sweet baby #2, she is adorable.

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