weekend wars

so, we had the best weekend.
we had a fantastic surprise visit with our old roomate, again and this time she stayed the night. it was so much fun. we ate tons, went to see despicable me (had to leave early because they were so loud due to the large amounts of popcorn and candy), went to the park, went to lunch and orange leaf...it was amazing.
then we went home to make some shirts with linds (to be revealed at a later date) and played with kinley. it was so much fun. the kids loved each other and cracked us up the whole time.
then we hung out with my fab fam.
Picnik collage
the kids had so much fun with uncle patty and mig and aunt shannon. they were chasing their fantastic doxin around and never wanted to leave.
huge. party.
and i got a little time with my friends and my mom watched the babes while i went to lunch with blair and mel. it was just like old times.
Picnik collage
love these ladies.
i got to feel like a normal person not chasing kids around for a few hours. ( i actually cried on the way there because of that...need to get out much???!)
and i have some more stuff to post but no pics (as you can see these are all old...no camera has been near me lately which is such a bummer).
the summer has been crazy with jeff working all the time and making new friends. i admit that i get kinda down about it and i get so stressed that i have to have best friends in tyler, like today. after weekends like this, though, i realize that i have great friends around that continue to keep me happy (and sane) and that friendships just take time.
everyone in tyler has been so incredibly sweet and the neighbors are amazing and everyone's friends of friends have been so kind to us. we have jumped into playgroups and parties, and all that jazz, its just sometimes hard when you feel like you just said the weirdest thing in the room and you never know what everyone is thinking...needless to say, ill keep you posted on the friend-making process.
and when we arent busy trying to go to every event that is offered to us (and make sure we have clothes on), i have been online shopping and eating chips and salsa watching friday night lights! i made brycie watch half the first season while she was here! its sooo good. i highly recommend it if you have a lot of nights that your husband is on call that you can't sleep.
oh, and avery's new song is defying gravity. we have listened to it like 100 times. i think we are gonna have to see wicked...
and did you guys see the fantastic bake and blog! i found it over on mere's blog and i love it! its like right up my alley...we may have to get some key ingredients at the grocery store.
hope everyone had a ball this weekend!! be back with more crafts asap...


the tichenor family said...

your sweet babies with the ball are too precious. looks like sawyer has her mama's same big beautiful smile!

i am soooo excited you're going to blog-n-bake with me. how scrumptious are those recipes? oh my!

glad y'all had a great, fun filled weekend. xoxo

Blair Wheeler said...

I am THRILLED we had a BK (+M) Day! SO much fun to stuff ourselves at Chuys too!

Leslie said...

Kristen - You amazing at everything you do - including being a mom, wife and friend. I've never seen you even close to stressed out, but you have every reason to stress sometimes. Glad you got to have some fun with great friends!!!

Lindy said...

Your babies look like they are in the nude with that stability ball. I can only hope that's true.

Also, I know exactly what you mean about trying to make new friends who understand that maybe I stick my foot in my mouth sometimes and maybe they should just realize it is going to happen again. That's how I feel at least! It's nice to have people who know you and love you in spite of and because of all your quirks. So glad you could enjoy some time with friends.

Melanie said...

I love that I made the blog! So glad that I got to join BK day and eat chips and salsa!! Come visit more - we miss you!

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