going green

we painted the front door (and the rest of the house!)
i tried a few colors out and we decided to go with "happy camper".
it kinda looks a little tommy hilfigger...
i didnt really mean to be preppy, but i like the bold color.
and remember forever ago, when i told you that my inlaws did two amazing things for us?? (psh, they've done WAY more than two things, two just happened to stand out right when i wrote that). well, before i moved in, i was really stressed about moving, having people take care of our kids for us while we moved, and painting the whole house. i was almost in tears quite a few times.
my in laws had heard my fears and decided, completely on their own, to go down and just paint the house themselves!! jeff told them a few colors that i was throwing around and they just did it. they found help from a few people around town and painted a lot of the trim (it was really yellowing, maybe used to be white, like in 1932) and the main room, the breakfast area and our room.
they are amazing.
truly was the greatest blessing. i just cried and cried!
it made our work so much easier. i really dont think we could be as far as we are without them.
so the living room and dining area are comfort gray,
and i got all the curtains from ikea. i looovvve these in the living room so much. i want to get the duvet to match for my bedroom..too much??? maybe.
the breakfast area,
(im totally hanging that mirror someday...and i know most people dont have couches in their breakfast area...we dont have a lot of space anywhere else...)
the kitchen is the original color. its not my fave, but im willing to keep it so i dont have to paint...and the fish is leaving. as soon as i can get jeff to take it somewhere...
Picnik collage
they painted our room silver sage (best color evER) but im not quite ready to reveal that yet...
so there you go, guys. thats what is clean today. (and our house looks like we are trying to fit huge pieces of furniture into a small space. we gotta get a smaller coffee table...) who knows what i will conquer tomorrow. i havent been able to find a place where i can keep my sewing machine where my kids wont get to it. i am on a quest to find a table that will fit in my room so i can put all my craft bizness somewhere.
keep you posted.


Cassie said...

Oh my golly. I love LOVE all the paint colors. LOVE the green door. I've been wanting to change ours, but I just can't commit to a color!

I am also 100% copying those curtains and using them in my room. I've been searching for some and somehow have never seen these at Ikea. Love.

Can't wait to see (and copy:) the rest!

Blair Wheeler said...

I. Am. Obsessed. Your house looks amazing and you transformed it into a home so quickly! I don't see boxes anywhere --- I'm impressed. I love the colors and inspire to have a house that looks like yours.... guess I need to start working on getting a house first -

Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

Everything looks so pretty! I love the grey color!

Sarah said...

I love it Kristen! It looks great, thanks so much for sharing the pics! hope y'all are doing well. love you! sarah

the tichenor family said...

L.O.V.E. everything! That green door is fabulous. They grey walls are gorgeous! I'm in love with the chandelier in your breakfast room-- can I ask where you found that lovely? I love, love the white hutch in the living room-- ummm, lets see, and your sweet kiddos are adorable too!

Lisa Riley said...

I LOVE all the paint colors too! I have been tossing around ideas for a while and would be THRILLED if some magic in-law fairies came in and painted for me! How sweet of them to do that!!

I also love your green & white rug in your living room! Where is it from??

kristen said...

lisa, its from anthropologie. my mom got it for me a while back and i just love it. it does get pretty dirty with my dogs and kids though...

Nina said...

You are amazing! It looks so great I just love how you put things and colors together! My house is the most boring place ever compared to you. Me and Katy and Brawley are going to come see you one day we need a little road trip! Love you!

Hayley and Aaron said...

Your house looks amazing! Love the couch in the breakfast nook, so cozy! You are blessed with such sweet in laws, I would have been near tears too with a big move and three little ones! Hope you guys are loving Tyler, we miss ya'll and wish we could have seen you for the fourth!

Hayley and Aaron

jennifer said...

the green door is fantastic!!! you're so amazing!!

lins said...

once again i am in awe. cutest house of all time.

rwetheri said...

LOVE the green door. And LOVE silver sage (it's my living room color). Can't wait to see your cute house in the near future. I'm coming to Tyler in August. I'll call and would love to swing by. Miss you guys!

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