locks o' love

so, since i didnt really do ben any favors with the haircut i gave him (while he was on the run, mind you) jeff decided it was his turn to give it a try.
Picnik collage
and i just cried!! i never cried with aves, and was just so excited, but with every perfect blonde lock that jeff sheered away, i just melted. my little baby is now a boy. not even a toddler. like a grown up. practically out the door to college and not wanting his mom around. i miss him already.
sass is pointing to her hair and made jeff "cut" hers. she kept saying "sassy's turn".
and he did not like to have his picture taken at all and is mad at me for trying.
i couldnt help it.
he went from a little 60 year old man with a receding hairline, to a little 80 year old bald man. love him.
Picnik collage
love both my bald men.


Erynn said...

i know i will cry too. cried putting away clothes that were too small the other day :)

Leslie said...

LOVE that little 80 year old bald man! How cute is that!! Time for another?? :)

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